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Title : Undertale - All songs with the "Anticipation" melody/leitmotif
Description : Since I forgot "Stronger Monsters", there will be a version 2 of this video in the future.

Anticipation - 0:35
Enemy Approaching - 1:00
Bring It In, Guys! - 1:58
In My Way - 2:41

Request info:

About the Once Upon a Time/Undertale leitmotif: I won't do a video about that one until I've done all the others, since the Undertale leitmotif is present in sooo many songs and it'd take forever to make.

I'm not doing leitmotifs that are in less than three songs (I am including the songs that are exclusive to the demo), not yet anyway. Maybe someday I'll make one big video showing off all of them.

So basically, you can request any leitmotif that is in more than 2 songs, isn't "Once Upon a Time"/"Undertale" and isn't on the list below.

Upcoming leitmotif videos by order:
1. sans.
2. Uwa!!
3. It's Showtime!
4. Alphys
5. Nyeh Heh Heh!
6. Fallen Down
7. Bergentrückung
8. Memory
9. Another Medium
10. You Idiot
11. Oh! One True Love
12. Snowdin Town
13. Waterfall
14. Determination
15. Metal Crusher
16. Undyne
17. Gaster's Theme

Thanks to Norkux for letting me use his gameplay footage, be sure to check out his channel :)
Norkux's channel: /user/Norkux

"In My Way" is not an official name, but since the song doesn't appear in the OST I just called it something fitting.

All rights to Undertale belong to Toby Fox.
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