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Title : NBB series episode 3:25!
Description : well thanx guyz for joining the contest they were all good reason and so many enter but im afraid theres only 1 person who can be in it.....well ok the winner is .....nbbdavidlevilover1 (Ashley!!!!)congratz! it was a tough decision!
Cynthia was preparing the gun
Nat:Allie run!!!!!!!
Allie:noooo! plz
Nat:Allie just run plz
Allie:no i cant loose u
Nat:go just know I love u!
Cynthia:ugh stop the drama !!!!!!! now Nat ready have any last words
Nat:yea how about 1 CRAZY!
Cynthia:oh bad decision Nat
Nat:well u are crazy!
Cynthia;ok then ready say bye bye
she gets ready to shhot and she does
Nat closes his eyes but then he doesn't feel anything!
Cynthia:what noooooooooooo!u little girl!!!!!!! nooo
Cynthia:ahh Sam i have to run!
Police:not so fast!
Police: drop your gun down and put your hands up !we got u surrounded
Cynthia:ugh!!!!!!noooooo let me go i dont deserve to go to jail!the bullet was supposed to be in u Nat not her it was a mistake let me go!!!!!!
Police:yea yea yea
Cynthia:let me go i need to get revenge!!!!!!
Police:how about u tell it tot eh judge!
Cynthia:ugh!!!!!!!!!!I HATE U SAM!!!!!!
the police put her inside the car and took her away
Nat:Sam u are going to be alright
Sam:im glad u are ok Nat
Nat:u didnt have to do that
Sam:oh yes i did i want u tto be alive and happy same for u Allie
Nat:Sam its your life we are talking about here
Sam:well your life is more important than ever!
Allie:Sam u are going to be ok
Sam:ouch yea well i dont think so i feel like i cant breath
Nat:u are going to be fine!
Police:the ambulance is here!
they take her
Nat:she is going to be ok right?????
Person:lets hope so son
Nat:come on Allie we need to go
Allie:yea sure
they go in a cab and go to the hospital
with the band
Cooper:ok wheres Nat i thought u said he was going to be here with Allie
Alex:well i thought he was but its been a w1 hour i wonder if he is ok
Thomas:well call him
Alex:Noo!we dont want to interrupt
David:well im bored so im going for a walk
Thomas:yea what ever
David went walking and bumped into a girl
David:no its ok
?????:omg u are David Levi from NBB!
David:yea that me!
Ashely:hi my name is Ashely
David:nice to meet u!
Ashely:omg i always wanted to meet ........
David:let me guess Nat
Ashely:no u!
Ashely:yea...... i think u are cute
David:oh well....
Ashely:i have to go
David:um sure um wait maybe we could have dinner sometime or lunch
Ashley:sure...i would love that (gives her a card)
David:whats this?
Ashley:call me...bye!!!!!
With Vanessa and Daniel
Vanessa:hey Daniel
Vanessa:maybe we should buy a house u know only the 2 of us
Daniel:yea that would be great!
Vanessa:yea it will!
with Nat and Allie
Nat:ok its been 1 hour and still no news!
Allie:calm down (hug's him)
Nat hug's her back
Nat:i hope she is ok
Allie:she will be she is strong
the doc came in
Doc:Nat and Allie
Nat:how is she! is she going to be alright
doc:calm down she will be fine we saved her just in time
Doc:she is awake u may go see her
Allie:thanx doc!
Doc:np its my job she is in room 111
they went inside her room
Sam:hey guyz........
Nat:u ok?
Sam:im fine..........
Nat:why did u risk your life for myn!? dont do that anymore!
Sam:i had to i dont want u to die i want to u to be alive and be happy
Nat:so u went to play super hero
Sam:i had to i couldnt let her shoot u
Allie:thanx Sam
Sam:my pleasure just be careful u two
Nat:we will but u to ok dont try to be a super hero when u are not
Allie:how did u know we were in the park
Sam:i was passing by and saw u two and a girl i called a police but she was about to shoot u and i couldn't let that happen
Nat:your life counts to u know
Sam:i know but hey im Alive
Nat:yea dont do that again!
Allie:thanx Sam really i owe u one
Sam:im glad i met u 2 u guyz thought me what love really is
Nat:im glad i met u to Sam
Allie:me to!
Allie:iwe are friends now we are a big
Sam:yea we are
Allie:so u will stay?
Sam:no i really need to go back to Canada im starting my life again i need to
Nat:well i bet u are and who ever is your bf is going to be really lucky to have u!
Allie:yea...Sam thanx for everything
Sam:i will do anything to see the ppl i love be happy
Nat:and u deserve to be to
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no cliffhanger i torture u guyz enough lol i will give u guyz a break and by the way do u like Sam now???
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